Manage & Scale

Manage, measure, build expertise and augment your automation processes for continuous improvement.

Scale up your automation outcomes

We know how important it is for you to have a reliable partner in your corner. That’s why we’re not just here for you—we’re here to help you succeed. Scale up your automation outcomes with on-demand development and support services.

Support Services

Fully managed support services to help you maintain and stabilize all your production automations and support infrastructure. Quickly fix automations that fail too often or create too many exceptions or cause service problems.


Migrate databases, applications and other in-use programs to advanced and updated platforms, on-premise or on-cloud.  Our team will help you refresh, migrate and upgrade your software applications while reducing risks and accelerating the adoption of new technologies and platforms


Create a self-sustaining automation program to facilitate collaboration across teams. Build a repository of solutions, and reusable components, to help in quick adoption, improved knowledge sharing, lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TOC). Collect and track metrics to govern and justify your organization’s investment in the CoE.


Scale fast

On-demand functional, technical and support experts to help you quickly scale your automation outcomes

Stabilize Automations

Quicky fix automations that fail too often or create too many exceptions or cause service problems. 

Increase speed-to-value

Build more high-value automation with backlog discovery, prebuilt solutions and custom development

Our recent success stories

A large financial services organization implemented RPA for its Card Compliance Operations Automation, resulting in over $200,000+ in annual savings.

A multinational personal finance company embarked on the automation journey with a well-defined governance structure to identify, ingest, evaluate, execute and manage automation use cases.  

A non-alcoholic beverages business automated it’s data reconciliation process to ensure in-time and accurate reporting and mitigate the risk and the associated cost of non-compliance

Our Clients